The Rad Orchestra

"If you mashed up the drive of Led Zeppelin with the jangly pop appeal of mid-60s Beatles threw in a bit of Woody Guthrie's hard-trodden folk balladry and stuck it in the oven for the 21st Century then, well you'd have a pretty strange tasting cake. But after you sprinkle it with a bit of Salif Keita you realise that it's actually pretty damn tasty! Indeed, worldliness is perhaps the trademark of Rad Orchestra a band which encapsulates as many sounds as it's multi-ethnic make-up would suggest. With members stretching from as far across the globe as Pakistan, Ireland and Germany, the band effortlessly ingratiate the smoky nuances of Delta River Blues alongside a swirling, primordial percussion section that calls back to Fela Kuti's acclaimed Afro-beat styles. A string section adds emphasis and urgency to Max Rademacher's understated yet charismatic vocals. This is a band without borders, who revel in a worldwide pillaging of culture that makes your feet move, your eyes widen, and your jaw drop."
[George Smillie]

The Rad Orchestra are:

Amy Jane Hosken: Viola
Duncan Noble: Bass

James Gavin: Violin, Mandolin
Jenny Wiltsie: Vocals

Laurence Hill: Percussion
Louise Gibbens: Violin

Max André Rademacher: Vocals, Guitar, Ngoni

Paul Greenstein: Guitar, Glissentar

Quentin Wright: Violin

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